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What is Thai Massage?

  • Originally developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the physician to Siddhartha Gautama – the Buddha – more than 2,500 years ago in India.
  • The technique made its way to Thailand, where the original Ayurvedic techniques became combined with principles from traditional Chinese medicine. Read more about
  • Tellingly, there is no such thing as a chiropractor in Thailand – a Thai massage is a go-to option for preventing and remedying back ailments.
  • More dynamic and rigorous than your usual massage, limbs and joints are manipulated in a sequence of movements, inspired by yogic stretching.
  • This makes Thai massage particularly beneficial to athletes. Read more click here

Deep Tissue Massage - There are many systems and traditions of massage that involve pressing and rubbing muscles directly through the skin. Oil is used as a lubricant and can include aromatic or "essential" oils for their theraputic benefits. "Oil" massage is the most generally known type of massage, so many clients feel comfortable with this type of therapy because it is familiar.
Massage can be applied lightly or deeply depending on the client's needs. For example if the client wants only to be relaxed and papmered the massage will be light. Also if a new injury is causing a lot of pain then light massage will be all that is required initially. However, for healthy muscles that are used often, such as sports people, the massage can go deeper into the muscle to provide a more intense therapy.
Head and Face Massage - using organic oils and aromatherapy
The stresses and pressures of everyday life can lead to:
headaches,heavy shoulders,migraine,insomnia and tired eyes
Does this sound like you?
Come and have a rejuvenating head, face and neck massage to set you up to face the world.
Appointements are generally one hour and will leave you feeling like the new person that you always knew was inside somewhere, trying to get out.
Apart from relief from the above symptoms, benefits include:

Relaxes the whole body,Improves concentration,Lifts your mood,Improves blood circulation,Strengthens the immune system and Generally leaves you feeling good and suitable for all ages.

Thai foot Massage -This is a massage of the feet and lower legs incorporating methods from reflexology, Thai Yoga Massage and shiatsu. The massage is applied by pressing with fingers thumbs and knuckles, rubbing and bending the feet to stretch them and relax them. Finer pressure is sometimes applied using a specially designed wooden tool.

This is great for tired feet, especially if you have been standing all day or exercising hard.

Foot massage is considered to be particularly effective in opening the energy channels of the body and so its benefits extend to the whole body, not just the area being treated.

There are many benefits from foot massage, including:

  • stress relief

  • improved sleep

  • improves your mood

  • improved imune response

  • improved concentration

  • improved circulation in the feet and lower legs

  • improved general flexibility in the feet and legs

Pregnancy Massage - Massage during preganacy is a very delicate issue. Many people say that it should be avoided, but this is not totally true. Special skills are required dealing with a pregnant woman, but massage is still possible and extremely beneficial.

First, the most important thing is that you should be comfortable. It is not possible to lie on your stomach, and often, especially in the later stages, lying on your back is also difficult. Therefore all Thai Yoga Massage techniques for pregnant women are done lying on your side.

Second, the pressure used should be minimal, not just on areas near the abdomen, but everywhere. This is because the pressing releases toxins from the muscles. In a non pregnant person this is what you want. Releasing the toxins flushes them from the system. However, this process involves the toxins entering the blood stream initially and this has to be avoided in pregnancy.

Our body scrub treatment will effectively exfoliate your skin, i.e., getting rid of the flaky skin and the dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh, clean and smoother skin. A salt or sugar scrub is used, with an oily base to moisturise and soothe your skin as the therapist scrubs it. Results: Improves skin tone Prepares the skin for an even tan Ameliorates blood circulation to the surface of the skin Feels Invigorating.